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A wedding registry for Wishes, not stuff

Fill your Registry with meaningfull wishes. Your guests can contribute money to make your wishes come true....

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Our Wedding Wish
Our wedding wish: "Our first home. We have everything except for a house. It would mean so much to us.”
Marilyn and Steve
Our wedding wish: "Activities for our honeymoon. Dinner on the beach, scuba trips, massages, breakfast in bed."
Jennifer and Sam
Our wedding wish: "The trip around the world we've always dreamed of. We wished for plane tickets and travel books.”
Shelley and Andrew
Our wedding wish: "Education for our future family. We set up a College Education Fund."
Eva and Alex
Our wedding wish: ”Our wedding! A dress, DJ, cake, flowers… our friends and family made it possible."
Marina and Anthony
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For Example: Mary and John
More About Upon Our Star

Couples are saying “I do” later in life, with 65% living together before the wedding.  A traditional registry isn’t as useful as it was 30 years ago. Couples already own the “stuff” available on traditional wedding registries.

Weddings today cost a small fortune, often amounting to over a third of a couple’s income. With more couples paying their own way,

cash gifts

are increasingly popular. But a wishing well or a

cash registry

can seem tasteless.

Upon Our Star is an
online registry
that allows couples to tastefully request their most meaningful wishes. Each wedding registry is limited only by the imagination. A honeymoon, an education fund, a home... Couples create personalized bridal registry items. Guests contribute money towards their favourite gift registry items, which are collected by the couple as cash.

UponOurStar is meaningful for guests as they can make a difference in the couple’s lives. And the registry fulfills modern couples’ need to gracefully receive
cash gifts
that invest in their future.

To open a Wedding Registry, simply provide your wedding information. Next, add wishes to your Gift Registry and customize your welcome message and gift items. UponOurStar will even announce your registry with an e-Invitation to guests.

Once you open a Bridal Registry, you will receive your webpage. Log in to your bridal registry to monitor contributions, track popular gift registry items, and edit registry gifts. After the wedding, you can collect your cash registry funds which will be deposited to your bank account.

Questions?  Learn more in Wedding Registry FAQ, or take a Quick Tour.